Primary Class Teachers 2023-24

ClassPrimary TeacherEmail
FS1AMs. Emma
FS1BMs. Soonita
FS1CMs. Zaynah
FS2AMs. Michelle
FS2BMs. Daminee
FS2CMs. Shona
FS2DMs. Mariam
FS2EMs. Muna
FS2FMs. Sahar
FS2GMs. Bethany
FS2HMs. Millie
FS2IMs. Amal
Year 1AMs. Emma Mc
Year 1BMs. Nabila
Year 1CMs. Sara
Year 1DMs. Dana
Year 1EMs. Rosie
Year 1FMs. Aneeka
Year 1GMs. Hannah
Year 1HMs. Zahra
Year 1IMs. Amina
Year 1JMs. Lydia
Year 2AMs. Olivia
Year 2BMs. Melissa
Year 2CMs. Elena
Year 2DMs. Abigail
Year 2EMs. Helen
Year 2FMs. Sonia
Year 3AMs. Molly
Year 3BMr. Sofia
Year 3CMs. Shaima
Year 3DMs. Louda
Year 3EMs. Deanah
Year 3FMs. Rachel
Year 4AMs. Emily
Year 4BMr. William
Year 4CMs. Amy
Year 4DMs. Gemma
Year 4EMs. Heba
Year 5AMs. Georgia
Year 5BMs. Indya
Year 5CMs. Cadhla
Year 5DMr. Naeem
Year 6AMr. Craig
Year 6BMr. Anthony
Year 6CMs. Chloe Brycechloe.bryce
Year 6DMs. Lucy

Primary Specialist Teachers

ClassPrimary Teacher Email
PEMs. Heba
PEMs Cadhla (Kyla)
PE (Whole School)Mr. Ahmad
ArtMs. Asmas
ArtMs. Nermine
ICTMs. Selamawit
ICTMs. Sunaina
FrenchMs. Asma

Primary MOE Teachers

ClassPrimary TeacherEmail
MOE DeputyMs. Louda
FS Arabic TeacherMs. Momena
KS1 Arabic B TeacherMs. Fatma
KS1 Arabic TeacherMs. Malak
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Shaimaa
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Ruba
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Alia
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Rana
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Basma
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Salam Adnan
Islamic A TeacherMs. Ayah Yahia
KS1 Islamic Teacher/ Arabic
Ms. Maha
Islamic B TeacherMs. Nunuu Ally
Islamic B TeacherMs. Walaa
Head of QuranMr. Abdelkarim

Primary Pastoral/ Inclusion Team

Head of Pastoral Care,
Inclusion & DSL
Ms. Susan
SENCOMs. Sara El
LSA PrimaryMs. Maliha
LSA PrimaryMs. Farah
LSA PrimaryMs Tikiri Bhagya
LSA PrimaryMs. Noha

PACE British School welcomes all families and students from all nationalities and levels of Education to join our community. The school also considers students with learning difficulties and ensures the child needs are completely supported.