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Primary Class Teachers

Primary Teachers 2023-24

ClassForm TutorEmail
FS1AMs. Emma Naughton[email protected]
FS1BMs. Soonita Bauluck[email protected]
FS1CMs. Zaynah Khan[email protected]
FS2AMs. Michelle McHale[email protected]
FS2BMs. Daminee Black[email protected]
FS2CMs. Shona Blackley[email protected]
FS2DMs. Mariam Zahoor[email protected]
FS2EMs. Muna Hussein[email protected]
FS2FMs. Sahar Asghar[email protected]
FS2GMs. Bethany Waite[email protected]
FS2HMs. Millie Smith[email protected]
FS2IMs. Amal Hussein[email protected]
Year 1AMs. Emma Mc Gee[email protected]
Year 1BMs. Nabila Sakur[email protected]
Year 1CMs. Sara Skelly[email protected]
Year 1DMs. Dana Fulton[email protected]
Year 1EMs. Rosie Allanson[email protected]
Year 1FMs. Aneeka Wilkie[email protected]
Year 1GMs. Hannah Robson[email protected]
Year 1HMs. Zahra Khan[email protected]
Year 1IMs. Amina Ali[email protected]
Year 1JMs. Lydia Hart[email protected]
Year 2AMs. Olivia Entwisle[email protected]
Year 2BMs. Melissa Jane[email protected]
Year 2CMs. Elena Grecu[email protected]
Year 2DMs. Abigail Madison[email protected]
Year 2EMs. Helen Fury[email protected]
Year 2FMs. Sonia Hussain[email protected]
Year 3AMs. Molly Bradshaw[email protected]
Year 3BMr. Sofia Ahmad[email protected]
Year 3CMs. Shaima Jehad[email protected]
Year 3DMs. Louda Ahed[email protected]
Year 3EMs. Deanah Saleem[email protected]
Year 3FMs. Rachel Williams[email protected]
Year 4AMs. Emily Ashcroft[email protected]
Year 4BMr. William Workman[email protected]
Year 4CMs. Amy Mcrobb[email protected]
Year 4DMs. Gemma Richardson[email protected]
Year 4EMs. Heba Manie[email protected]
Year 5AMs. Georgia Crowe[email protected]
Year 5BMs. Indya Baker[email protected]
Year 5CMs. Cadhla Gillen[email protected]
Year 5DMr. Naeem Seedat[email protected]
Year 6AMr. Craig Paterson[email protected]
Year 6BMr. Anthony Kilpatrick[email protected]
Year 6CMs. Chloe Brycechloe.bryce @pacebritish.com
Year 6DMs. Lucy Wisener[email protected]

Primary Specialist Teachers

ClassPrimary Specialist TeacherEmail
PEMs. Heba Manie[email protected]
PEMs Cadhla (Kyla) Gillen[email protected]
PEMr. Ahmad Mohammad[email protected]
ArtMs. Asmas Reyad[email protected]
ArtMs. Nermine Ibrahim[email protected]
ICTMs. Selamawit Retta[email protected]
ICTMs. Sunaina Mol[email protected]
FrenchMs. Asma Fouad[email protected]

Primary MOE Teachers

ClassPrimary MOE Teacher
MOE DeputyMs. Louda Ahed[email protected]
FS Arabic TeacherMs. Momena Atallah[email protected]
KS1 Arabic B TeacherMs. Fatma Abdel[email protected]
KS1 Arabic TeacherMs. Malak Rebhi[email protected]
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Shaimaa Jehad[email protected]
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Ruba Ahmad[email protected]
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Alia Ahmad[email protected]
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Rana Kouka[email protected]
KS2 Arabic A TeacherMs. Basma Gamal[email protected]
KS2 Arabic B TeacherMs. Salam Adnan AlAzraq[email protected]
Islamic A TeacherMs. Ayah Yahia Alterri[email protected]
KS1 Islamic Teacher/ Arabic
Ms. Maha Abbas[email protected]
Islamic B TeacherMs. Nunuu Ally Nasoro[email protected]
Islamic B TeacherMs. Walaa Qwaider[email protected]
Head of QuranMr. Abdelkarim Reguieg[email protected]

Primary Pastoral/ Inclusion Team

Head of Pastoral Care,
Inclusion & DSL
Ms. Susan Davis[email protected]
SENCOMs. Sara El Masri[email protected]
LSA PrimaryMs. Maliha Kamal[email protected]
LSA PrimaryMs. Farah Jabeen[email protected]
LSA PrimaryMs Tikiri Bhagya Bandara[email protected]
LSA PrimaryMs. Noha Hamed[email protected]