Key Stage 3 | Years 7, 8 and 9

At PACE British School, we know that Key Stage 3 can be a big change in a child’s life as they move from the safety of one classroom and teacher to a wide range of specialists delivering a demanding curriculum. We ensure that the transition into Secondary is as seamless as possible and that students (and parents) are well prepared for the new ways of working.

Following the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum, our students work hard to grow and develop as independent young adults. We teach them the foundations they will need for their IGCSE courses and challenge them to grow and develop as individuals. With a caring ethos and supportive teachers, our students feel safe to take risks and challenge themselves.

As students progress through the years, they are given detailed advice and guidance so that, when in Year 9, they can make the right choices for moving on into Key Stage 4. This is conducted through parent-student option and information evenings, as well as one-to-one advice from Senior Leaders and Heads of Departments.

Students in Years 7, 8, and 9 follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum, alongside the Ministry of Education requirements.


Core Foundation
Arabic (for Arabic speakers)History
Arabic (for non-Arabic speakers) Geography
Islamic Education (for Muslims) Computer Science
EnglishPhysical Education
Mathematics French
Moral Education
Social Studies


We assess frequently during lessons, at the end of topics, and on a termly and annual basis. This takes the form of quizzes, assessed homework, projects, conversations, and examinations. Progress checks take into consideration progress over time, to assess the level the learner is working at. As a British school, assessments can cover all prior material studied, not just the last term.